Bridge The Gap Report

November 17, 2019

District 30 Bridge the Gap Report

Philip L


Bridge the Gap had an Oklahoma workshop back in September. Which was a great way for all of the different BTG district chairs to become acquainted and exchange numbers and emails. Since then I’ve had 8 blue cards and 2 phone calls from those other chairs. A member of my own home group was reached out to by Jason, the Area BTG chair, after being let out of a treatment facility in Arkansas at the end of August which was encouraging. That member actually accompanied me to the workshop the following week and Jason and he met in person. Also, on that note, a graduate of the 12x12 in Tulsa was let out 5 or 6 weeks ago and showed up to a meeting I was chairing that I had told him about while he was in treatment there. Which leads me to say that I am still going there when possible, the past two months I’ve been chairing my home group’s Tuesday night meeting and those are the nights I typically have free to go. I need to reconnect with Robert, who takes Monday evening meetings in there.


I still haven’t gotten to other facilities, though my Wednesdays just opened up, so I’ll be able to start going back to the Muskogee County jail on Wednesday mornings. I need to order blue cards from Jason, as I am almost out. I typically pick those up from him at Area meetings, but I will be unable to attend next week as I have a church commitment next Sunday.


Side note: I’ve been personally reached out to 4 times the past 2 weeks. Bill Baldwin, our former corrections chair, has reached out to me with numbers of people in my area that needed a call or help finding a place to stay. Also, a friend of mine from high school recently decided to go to treatment and I helped his family find a room at Valley Hope. And this past Friday night I was at a meeting where a gentlemen who was just released from Valley Hope attended, and it turns out that his temporary sponsor is my grand sponsor. So…cyclical.