DCM B Report

Report: Hey Gang looking forward to seeing most of you tomorrow in Langley.  Nelson and I have made the rounds to our groups and can report most are healthy and happy.  I've got some address corrections to forward to state and district Secretaries.  Going to start giving you a glimpse at some of our groups in Cluster B every quarter.

Locust Grove Group
300 Willard Stone Heights Circle
Meets Monday at 8:00 PM (3 blocks north of McFarland Antique Store)
As soon as they finished taking my inventory (it happens) we had a great time.  About ten folks there many of whom I've seen at other meetings, cause in the outlining areas that's just a fact of life. Some of these folks drive 20-30 miles to attend a meeting several days a week. Thats dedication!!

Collinsville Group
1118 W Broadway (Church of the Nazarene)
Meets Tuesday and Thursday at 8:00PM
Fun was reported to be had by all!  They're asking me to bring Pizza next time I come.  Well attended and doing a great job spreading recovery to their community.  They asked if there was something else they could do to get more newcomers.  As I sat there I realized the address was incorrect at Area and District , so I'll get that corrected and that will help.  I sat down next to Jim and Ron and found out all three of us got sober in the same week in September 1999. Just another Goddeal!  Also met Loren who is the daughter of a good friend of mine and just a gorgeous young picture of recovery.  Kinda makes your heart do alittle skip!  Hopefully see ya all soon.
Michael B. & NelsonK.