DCM C Report

Report: District 30, Cluster “C”
Aug. 26, 2018

Checotah;        Meets at the Methodist church. 419 W. Gentry. Terry T is the GSR. Attendance is good with about 10 or so for regularly meetings. They meet on Mon. Wed. Sat. 8:00 pm. They also have a women’s group. I got the chance to take a new comer to this group. He was pleased with their hospitality and hope he’s still attending.

Colcord;        Meets on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm. They have about 9 to 10 folks attending regularly. This is a Big Book study group. They don’t have a GSR at this time, but I was able to get a contract number. Ernie G. 918-226-0491 or 479-228-2544. Lots of the same faces as the last time and they made us feel welcomed.
Muldrow;        Ripcord group, this meeting is going strong. Attendance is 50+ folks every time I’m able to go there. They stick to the literature. Each time I go it’s a Big Book or 12 and 12 study.

Muskogee;    Happy Hour, has an average of 30 or so attending. Meets everyday at 5:00 pm with Candle light meetings Fri. Sat. at 9:00 pm. Most nights after the 9:00 pm meeting to will find some great fellowship around the domino table. There is an Eleven step meeting on Sun. at 11:00 am. Wednesday’s Big Book study is not a closed meeting but they do not sign court document papers on that day. The group has made this change to insure they stay focused on the singleness of purpose to help the suffering alcoholic. A couple of folks did a little CPC work and met with the administrator of Muskogee County Drug Court to insure the court documents were going to be handled in a way to remove any problems. It’s not AA’s propose to set and enforce drug court policy.  Marvin G. is the GSR
            Donut Hole group meets at St. Paul Methodist church. Mon.-Fri. at 7:00 am and Sat. at 9:00 am. Attendance is good with 15 or so folks. Jeff R. is the GSR. The Alt. GSR is Lisa B. There is also a women’s meeting there on Thursday night.
            Brown Bag is a noon meeting at Grace Episcopal church. They meet Mon.- Sat. with 15 or so each day. Bill H. is the GSR.
Sallisaw Serenity;    Meeting is held on Mon. Thursday and Saturday at the Methodist church. It’s a small group but they do attend regularity.

Tahlequah;    Eastside meets at noonevery day. 812 Ward St. behind Braum’s. Good attendance the days I’m there. The GSR is Donna and she reported that the group is struggling due to financial reasons.
            Bottoms Up meets on Tuesday and Thursday 6:15 pm and are again meeting at the Unitarian Church 104 N. College in Tahlequah. There’re 10 or so folks’ meeting. Patrice is now the GSR with Amanda as the ALT. They have good meetings with great sobriety.
            Northside on longer meets. It’s my understanding this is due to the number of groups currently in Tahlequah.
            Chapter 5 group meetings are held Mon. 12&12 study, Wed. Big Book study and Sat. is an open meeting. They have moved next door to 116-B Keetoowah, Tahlequah. There were 25 or so in attendance. Got to catch up with some old friends there.
Wagoner Big Book meets on Fri. at 7:00 pm at the Presbyterian Church. They don’t have a GSR at this time. Lots of long term sobriety. They only meet once per week and alternate between the Big Book and the 12 & 12 for their study nights. Great tradition 3 reading and sharing the night I was there. Again, I got to see some old friends the night I was there.