DCM D-3 Report

District 30 Cluster D3 Quarterly Report. 


Broken Arrow Wisdom – Meeting attendance is up. They have a once a month eating/speaker meeting. AA and Alanon combine for this meeing. They alternate between an AA speaker and an Alanon speaker each month.


First Step Group – They now have three AA groups bringing meetings into the facility on Sundays. It’s designed so that each group conducts the meeting as they would on their normal meeting nights. They are still looking for additional groups to come in and do the same on Sundays. The time slots are 11:00am, 1:00pm, and 3:00 pm


Tulsa Big Book – Meeting is going well. Nothing new to report. Membership is solid. Meetings are always solid. They have a picnic coming up which I will let Brittney announce.

Broken Arrow Action - Action Group is steadily growing in membership. We have added two new meetings. Both are 11th step meditation meetings. One is Wednesday at 5:30 and the other is Sunday at noon. We now have 20 meetings a week. We are donating a brand new horse shoe set for the Central Service Parking Lot Party and we challenge any other group to Battle Royale to the death. (K, not the death, but for real BRING IT we dare you...) We have been working to organize group campouts and bonfires and other manners of summertime fun fellowship. All are invited, including children. Our group conscience in Sun Jun 10th and new and our 11th Step meeting will be cancelled that day.

Report: Cluster D3
1) Port of Catoosa. 20402 E Pine (Pine and Rte 66). Tue & Thurs. at 7:30pm. Tues-BBS, Thurs-Step , 2nd Thurs of month-Tradition Study. Last Thurs of month Eating/Spkr meeting starting at 7pm.Rock House Church (behind the Rock House Persnickety

2)Acceptance . 12424 E 31st St -St Matthew's Methodist Church @ 12 noon on Tues & Thurs. (31st and 129th). Tues - Step, Thurs-BBS. Small but very dedicated group. This day only 5 of us, but the meeting was probably one of the best I've attended.

3) Promises Group-Broken Arrow. 4407 S Olive E.Ave (129th St). Abiding Harvest United Methodist Church. Tues-BBS, Thus-Step.  amazing growth for a newer group. Very inclusive and very diverse amounts of sobriety. Big Book Study includes the stories as well as first 164 pages. Very enjoyable. Very open and friendly group.

4) Simplicity Group. 145361 E 21st St(E.21st and 145th Ave) Wednesdays-Plainview Baptist Church @ 7 pm. Small group with a lot of sobriety.  Alternating BBS and Step study. This day 12 members present. Still going strong.

5 ) Friendship Group. 10513 E (Admiral & I 169). St Marks Methodist Church Mondays and Thurs @ 7 pm. Mon-BBS, Thurs -open discussion. Celebrate Birthdays w/speaker. 19 members. Suffered a loss from member Mike R, who passed away from bone cancer. Very spiritually active group. Very friendly and welcoming.

6) Beginning Group. 620 S Garnett - Garnett Road Baptist Church. Fare North West side of church. @7:30pm. Mon-Open Speaker Mtg /Fri-BBS and Step. Group is going strong with resurgence to over 20 members. A lot of sobriety and spirituality. I found them very inspiring.

Thank you.